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Wishlist status to the public

When an item in the wishlist is purchased it should...

(A) Be automatically removed

(B) Show that the item has already been purchased

This is particularly important for those websites that cater to wedding or baby registries.

Anthony , 30.08.2012, 15:09
Idea status: under consideration


devkiranpola, 30.08.2012, 15:26
It is a good idea. Need to dig through on how difficult to implement this functionality. Because anonymous user browses the wishlist and then purchases item and once the payment is successful, then only we have to tag it as purchased.

Let me gather info about it.
Anthony, 30.08.2012, 16:04
Might be best to make it just automatically disappear upon purchase.

Let us know if that would be easier.
Andre, 15.09.2012, 10:23
I think i will wait this one to be completed before i buy.
For wedding stuff it should be nice to search lists by name or wedding date.
Usually this lists works for, not buy the product, but get the final amount after everybody bought in the store, and buy what he want.

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