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Admin screen which shows the user wishlists

Admin should be able to view existing wishlists (public & private lists). This information would help the shop owner/administrator because of several reasons:
1) you can check how many users are interested in certain products,
2) you can try to predict future sales which is very important if your stock is limited or if you need to decide which products you want to stock,
3) it can help you with campaigns and discounts - if many users add certain items to their wishlist but then they don't buy it this can be considered as an indicator that they want to buy the item but eg the price is too prohibitiv. The shop owner can i.e. start to sell certain items for a lower price, etc.

I think some options would be great (eg exlcude private wishlists, save wishlists of registered users only or save all wishlists from guests, etc. too)...

Zweistein , 28.08.2012, 00:25
Idea status: under consideration


devkiranpola, 28.08.2012, 07:19
What I feel is rather than accessing user wishlist, it is better to have stats on the products added to wishlists.

For example, in a particular period of time, FROM and TO dates, which product is highly added to wishlist and even display the list in descending order and is possible to provide link to create coupon for those individually.

Your thoughts?
Zweistein, 28.08.2012, 16:17
Yes, I agree. However I think it's also necessary to compare individual lists because this can help to detect related products, up/cross sells, etc..
ajon, 17.11.2012, 08:16
please launch theses updates

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